In the game of life, I’m running a charisma-build high in creativity and analytical thinking.


Born in Michigan. Raised on Monty Python, The Beatles, and style points. At 14 I realized unabashed self-expression uplifts others. I’ve been addicted to giving ever since.


99th percentile for extroversion. I’m magnetized towards public speaking, community organizing, and culture building.


Philosophy was my first love. An early fascination with ancient thought systems lead to a Bachelor’s Degree (and a wardrobe of turtlenecks).


The label of musician snuck up on me. Akin to diary entries, my songs were silly modes of introspection and joy. But one day a friend needed music for a project. And so it began!


I now live in Lincoln Park, Chicago. Steeped in the city and surrounded by friends, I want to meet everyone and create everything.


Currently Reading: “Useful Not true” by Derek Sivers